SBFC 004

It Can't Have All Been For Nothing

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Length 1:56:58
Date September 3, 2013
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“You're not ready for horse combos.” — Woolie

SBFC 004: It Can’t Have All Been For Nothing is the fourth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

As Rustlemania draws to a close, the boys reflect on life lessons professional wrestling has taught them. We also discuss Megaman’s spiritual successor, Nintendo’s 2DS, the death of Megaton announcements, and unused Street Fighter 3rd Strike concepts.
— Podcast description


I shit my pants in protest of this game, I'm so angry.
— Matt
You're not ready for horse combos.
— Woolie
More than you hoped, and more than you hope.
— Woolie, on Rustlemania.[src]
So Kane is basically the Baz.
— Pat
Platinum was founded on the American Revolution of independence, you know what I mean?
— Woolie
I'm on Platinum all the time.
— Pat
I'd buy an ass beating if it came with a Q mask.
— Pat
We should go find someone who doesn't like Mega Man, and hit them with rocks.
— Pat
Why would it be a loud boner?
— Matt
The imfinite horizon that stretches beyond us.
— Pat
Shout outs to the wiki guys as well, the Two Best Friends Wiki is really elaborate.
— Woolie
Guys, we need more rustling data.
— Pat

Letter TimeEdit

Q: Which video game fanbase has gotten the hardest fucking in the past couple of years? from Chris

  • Pat: Devil May Cry Yakuza 5
  • Matt: Mega Man
  • Liam: Mega Man
  • Woolie:

Q: Could you guys clarify how you feel about Mirror's Edge 2? from Joshua

  • We're hyper cautiously optimistic.

Q: Do you guys read any webcomics? from Hunter

  • Matt: Castle Vid Com and Nedroid
  • Pat: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
  • Liam :Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and XKCD
  • Woolie: Perry Bible Fellowship

Q: Liam, what do you think of Aniplex releases anime at Japanese retail prices? from Rogelio

  • Liam: FUCK THAT!

Q: What are your feelings on the new Dredd movie? from Oscar

  • Pat: I didn't see it, I'm out!
  • Everyone else: It's fucking awesome.

Q: What is your favourite Gundam Mobile suit? from Pat

  • Woolie: F91 G- Cannon
  • Liam: Char's Zaku
  • Pat: Mercurius
  • Matt: Death Scythe

Matt Watch Edit

This week, Matt was stalking Funk Shui 1690, for their radio interview.