Super Best Friends Watch

January 2015 Nintendo Direct

January Nintendo Direct Title
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Game January 2015 Nintendo Direct
Length 48:22
Upload Date Jan 14, 2015
“This is the weirdest non-announcement I've ever seen.” — Pat

Super Best Friends Watch January 2015 Nintendo Direct is a one-off Super Best Friends Watch episode in which Matt and Pat wait for Liam to show up so they can demand the creation of Groose Amiibos, pray for a North American release of Yo-Kai Watch, and get consistently disappointed by the lack of new announcements.


46 minutes, 46 new games announced! Right? RIGHT!?!?!?
— Website description

Quotes Edit

Is this Fire Emblem X SMT Dancing All Night?
— Pat
They've never gave him a worried expression because all his worries are like "Who stole the pasta?"
— Matt about Mario
I need more mushrooms to distract me from Peach's turtle pregnancy.
— Pat
Wow, so Woolie's definitely not fucking showing up because Kirby is on the screen and he hasn't Kool-Aid Manned through my door.
— Pat
Ganandorf! Ganandorf!
— Matt and Liam
Look, they're not doing Smash poses so they don't have things up their assholes. Well, Toad always does.
— Matt
They're like a bunch of little girl Woolies that are all wet.
— Pat
This is the weirdest non-announcement I've ever seen.
— Pat
It's a bargain Digimon with no character designs because they're just fucking dinosaurs.
— Liam about Fossil Fighters
To be fair, a regular dinosaur looks better than any Digimon I've ever seen.
— Matt
Where's my Groose Amiibo?
— Matt
It's not a goddamn Vita that lasts for eight months on standby.
— Pat
Yeah it lasts pretty long in the back of my drawer.
— Matt
I'm gonna get the red one so Matt's gotta get the black one.
— Liam
Never go back.
— Matt
It should have just been a red PSP and on the back it says "Bad Character".
— Matt

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