Super Best Friends Play

Japanese Indie Games

Super Best Friends Play Japanese Indie Games
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Game Astebreed

Kero Blaster Armored Hunter Gunhound EX

Length 46:53
Controller Woolie
Upload Date June 4, 2014
“Who needs legs?” — Woolie

Super Best Friends Play Japanese Indie Games is a one-off episode in which Matt, Woolie, and Liam raise their tension as they forsake their legs, ORA ORA ORA through mechs, go through screensavers in time and space, take on the Shagohod, and kill evil tumbleweeds.

Quotes Edit

You know what's also beautiful? ZOE 3... which we're playing right now!
— Matt
Who needs legs?
— Woolie
Maybe if you're parents had Astebreed'd better....
— Liam
Fuck you for having legs, bitch.
— Woolie
We went through a bunch of screensavers!
— Matt
Kids, pro tip: if you have a sword, swing it.
— Matt
Their shots are fantabulous.
— Woolie
This is basically Dark Souls.
— Matt
We're really reading into this maybe not metaphor.
— Liam
— Matt, Woolie, and Liam

Gallery Edit

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