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Metal Gear Rising - After Hours Jetstream Extravaganza

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Game Jetstream (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC)
Episodes 2
Combined Length 01:18:25
Original Run Apr 11, 2013 - Apr 13, 2013
Controller Pat
“He streamed all over those jets.” — Woolie

Super Best Friends Play Metal Gear Rising - After Hours Jetstream Extravaganza is a two-part Super Best Friends Play special in which Matt, Pat, and Woolie get back to the revenge and play as the cool Brazilian wind in the second piece of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance DLC, getting hyped at just about everything Sam does.


We’re back to the Revenge, but this time, with an extra helping of the ghosts of Eddie Guerrero and Vergil.
— Part one
Sam, could you be any cooler? No, I guess not.
— Part two

Quotes Edit

— Pat
Who made this place, Liam?
— Matt
You say as you splooge everywhere.
— Woolie
Even robots can get salt.
— Pat
Press X to not crazy.
— Woolie
He never asked for this.
— Pat
You mad RAY?
— Woolie
It feels like I'm playing drugs! Drugs injected straight into my scrotum.
— Pat
Hey man, the ponytail is floofing. Look at it floof.
— Woolie
Suck on a boner. Dine on a dong.
— Woolie
I can not believe how much not damage he is taking!
— Pat
He streamed all over those jets.
— Woolie

Gallery Edit

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