This is an extended page of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Stand User: Pat | Stand: Crazy Talk | Makes others incapable of understanding what others are saying, and occasionally makes people hear the opposite of what they are saying. Great for Misdirection. | Power: E | Speed: B | Range: B | Durability: A | Precision: E | Potential: C
— Part one
Awesome JoJo Fact #1: This series features a time stopping immortal bisexual vampire, dimension hopping US Presidents, ancient aztec fitness gods, kinkshamed serial killers, pink haired growth-spurting mafia bosses and dinosaur jockeys. And those are just the villains.
— Part two
Stand User: Woolie | Stand: Rage Against the Machine | When attacked, opponents build up more and more rage to the point of frothing stupidity. When attacking, each hit causes the opponent to become more and more passive to the point of not wanting to fight anymore. | Signature moves: Massive Attack - When the opponent's rage hits maximum level, causes them to mindlessly perform their final attack before going into cardiac arrest. | O Green World - When the opponent's passiveness/fear hits maximum level, causes them to enter a suggestible, hallucinogenic state. | Appearence: ??? | Power: A | Speed: B | Range: C | Durability: A | Precision: D | Potential: B
— Part three
Awesome Jojo Fact #2: In Part 4 Jotaro spends the entire arc relaxing in a luxury hotel room while he makes impressionable teenagers search for a psychotic serial murderer by themselves. A child dies because of this.
— Part four
User: Matt | Stand: Murphy | Causes you to throw away your best weapon. | Signature move: Dropping his best weapon. | Appearance: Murphy | Power: Murphy | Speed: Murphy | Range: Murphy | Durability: Murphy | Precision: Murphy | Potential: Murphy
— Part five
Awesome Jojo Fact: Even Crazy Diamond can't fix your shit taste in waifus.
— Part six
User: Liamwagon | Stand: None
— Part seven
Awesome Jojo fact: If you see a dog, it will be brutally murdered by a villain as it is an easy method of conveying that a person is villainous.
— Part eight
Awesome Jojo fact: One time, Dio put a human's head on top of a dog's body for lols.
— Part nine
Kars selflessly saved the lives of a puppy and some flowers from being crushed, netting him approximately two more lives saved than stand user Holly Kujo of the Joestars.
— Part ten
Awesome Jojo Fact: There's a scene in Stone Ocean where Jolyne spoils the ending of The Sixth Sense to a bunch of prisoners who are in the middle of watching it, because fuck those prisoners.
— Part eleven
Awesome JoJo Fact : Annasui appeared as a woman in his introductory panel, and then Araki decided to change him to a man in the very next chapter. This was not corrected in the bound volumes.
— Part twelve
Awesome JoJo Fact: F.F. is in fact best girl.
— Part thirteen
Awesome Jojo Fact: There are two stands in different parts named "Earth, Wind and Fire" because even Araki has a hard time keeping track of his bullshit, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
— Part fourteen
Awesome Jojo Fact: Dio's new stand should have been called「Dirty Deeds Done At Heaven's Door」.
— Part fifteen
Awesome JoJo Fact: Originally, Hol Horse was supposed to become the final STARDUST CRUSADER. There is group art that includes him on the hero team.
— Part sixteen
Awesome Jojo Fact: Gold Experience Requiem is basically that asshole kid on the playground who says he has an everything proof shield. Except he kills you infinity times if you try to call his bullshit.
— Part seventeen
Awesome Jojo Fact: If you really think about it, King Crimson is really just Incognito mode for real life.
— Part eighteen
Awesome JoJo fact: On top of being an adulterer, Joseph once peeped on his own nude mother, and uttered a hearty "niiiiiiiiice!" in response.
— Part nineteen
Awesome JoJo fact: You are now aware the noble blooded Gyro Caesar Zeppelli's belt points straight at his junk. This is the 1890's equivalent of a "The Man ↑, The Legend ↓" shirt.
— Part twenty
Awesome JoJo fact:
— Part twenty-one
JoJo fact: Jotaro is the coolest and strongest and doesn't afraid of anything.
— Part twenty-two Finale

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