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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD & ASB

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Game Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD & ASB
Upload Date May 9, 2014
Length 1:07:38
Previous Soul Calibur 2 & 5
Next Unleash Your Fisticuffs to Save the Earth!
“You thought I was fun but it was just me! DIO!” — Liam

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure HD & ASB is the fifth episode of Friday Night Fisticuffs. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam summon their stands and double check their reasearch while they whiff ultras, talk about The Mask, refuse to play Mahvel, and repeatedly fail to understand the controls.


DIO! This week on FNF, the Zaibatsu Mantrain is coming for you!(Sorry for some of the abrupt cuts - technical difficulties this week.)
— Video Description


You can't be scrubs at this game no one could play.
— Matt
I'm pretty sure the GDD for this game said 'Make it broken.'
— Matt
When Dio just says fuck it and does stupid eye lasers, that was the moment.
— Pat
If you want the power, you get the fetish too.
— Woolie
My stand is Murphy and he causes you to throw away your best weapon.
— Matt
What kind of madman, when designing a character, is like, 'I want this one to be like Bette Middler.'?
— Matt
Double standards are okay if it's Pat.
— Liam
The best part about him is that he sucks.
— Pat, about Speed Wagon
I know just enough that I'm getting everything wrong.
— Pat
You didn't know it, but Arakis been writing in the motions the whole time.
— Liam
I just looked up and I thought it said DLC Mansion.
— Liam
Eat it. Eat your cake.
— Woolie
I would eat it if it was in English!
— Pat
You thought I was fun but it was just me! DIO!
— Liam
He's literally Johnny 'Jojo Junior Shabadoo' Joestar.
— Matt


Jojo HD

Matt 2/2
Pat 3/2
Woolie 2/3
Liam 2/2

Jojo ASB

Matt 0/3
Pat 0/2
Woolie 4/0
Liam 2/1

Letter TimeEdit

There was no Letter Time this week.


  • The last match was not finished due to Matt kicking the PS3, which caused the game to reset.

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