Jurassic Week Part #1

Jurassic Park (SNES)

Jurassic Week SNES Park
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Game Jurassic Park
Length 23:36
Upload Date Jun 8, 2015
Controller Matt
Next Jurassic Park (Genesis)
“Do your remember that time we said something that pissed off Woolie and his frills started shaking?” — Matt

Jurassic Park (SNES) is the first episode in the Jurassic Week series. In this video, Matt and Pat journey across Isla Nublar with a Hulked-out Dr. Grant as they have a kid mispronounce dinosaur names at them, expose another of Woolie's dark secrets, get lost in their turkey conversations, and get dinosaur Tim johns.


MR. DNA'S DINO FACTS: Dinosaurs were radical, are radical, and will always be radical. Fuck you if you disagree!
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

I would marry Mode 7 if I could and it would spin around like that and I would be super happy.
— Matt
And then it would scroll away from you as fast as it could.
— Pat
We spared no expense for this week.
— Matt
We're playing as Grant or Smokey the Bear, depending.
— Matt
Do your remember that time we said something that pissed off Woolie and his frills started shaking?
— Matt
That's why he's got those dreads. To hide the frills.
— Pat
A sneeze sixty-five million years in the making.
— Matt
Yeah, girl. I love it when you throw up goo at me.
— Pat
Do you think there would be a good turkey equivalent of Hungry, Hungry Hippos?
— Pat
I'm sorry? I don't know what you're asking me.
— Matt
You know that Liam's and idiot because he thinks feathered birds are cool. They're not!
— Matt
Feathered birds are cool.
— Pat
No! Feathered dinosaurs.
— Matt
Dinosaurs are cool. My toys don't lie.
— Pat
The next Air Bud movie will be about a raptor that was allowed to play basketball so he had to join the goddamn drum team.
— Pat

Trivia Edit


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