Jurassic Week Part #5

Jurassic Park The Game (Telltale)

Jurassic Week Telltale Title
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Game Jurassic Park: The Game
Length 1:11:34
Upload Date Jun 13, 2015
Controller Liam
Previous Warpath Jurassic Park/Dino Rex
Next Jurassic World Roundtable Review
“Don't worry. Your choices don't matter.” — Matt

Jurassic Park The Game (Telltale) is the sixth episode in the Jurassic Week series. In this video, Matt and Liam go sixty-five million years in the past to Telltale's beginnings as they fight off rabid floppy disks, hang out with proto-Clementine, see the majestic Dolph-Lundgren-saurus, and slightly annoy a T-Rex.


MR. DNA's DINO FACTS: The dinosaurs could have tried pleading with the comet, or they might have attempted to at least evolve in some way to survive the nuclear would have been futile either way! Why? CUZ THEIR CHOICES DON'T MATTER!
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

Oh! That's a Barbasol.
— Liam
Look around to see if Woolie's stalking this short-haired girl.
— Matt
The universal rule of thumb is that if any type of animal is going against you, you punch it in the nose and it HATES it.
— Matt
Don't worry. Your choices don't matter.
— Matt
Look at all that nature. Some day we'll wipe it off the map and Earth will be the barren lifeless planet it was always meant to be.
— Matt
I'll put a dollar bill in a Tyrannosaurus Rex's g-string, no problem.
— Matt
Let's just twist these double-helixes until some dinosaurs pop out.
— Matt
Look at her sai she has.
— Matt
*Sighs sarcastically*
— Liam
No, no. Like a weapon.
— Matt
If you combine a flesh light and a shake flashlight, it will last forever.
— Liam
Feathers on dinosaurs are coo...
— Liam
Shut up, Liam! I was hoping we'd avoid this!
— Matt
That's why your mom left me for Jason.
— Liam
Wait, who's Jason?
— Matt
Just some narrative I made up.
— Liam
Just jump down and I'll give you an RKO in the air.
— Matt

Trivia Edit


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