Jurassic Week Part #6

Jurassic World Roundtable Review

Jurassic Week Roundtable Review
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Length 33:39
Upload Date Jun 14, 2015
Previous Jurassic Park The Game (Telltale)
“The sign says, 'We bullshitted it for cool stuff'.” — Woolie

Jurassic World Roundtable Review is the seventh and final episode in the Jurassic Week series. In this video, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam get the Pratt-sweats as they discuss the latest entry into the Jurassic Park cinematic universe. Warning: There are spoilers, but that should be kind of obvious.


We're just about all dinosaur'd out! But what did we think of Chris Pratt World? Uh, I mean, Jurassic World?
— Website Description

Quotes Edit

We all went to see San Andreas? It has it's faults.
— Liam
We all saw Jurassic World. A word, everyone one word to describe it.
— Matt
— Pat
— Woolie
— Liam
I'm gonna say, Pratt-sweat.
— Matt
Let's say the park shits itself and everyone has to leave...
— Pat
Oh? Let's say?
— Matt
That's the one thing I was missing in the movie, was every dino-head exploding in a chorus over the credits.
— Woolie
I didn't tell you to put Cthulhu in this dinosaur.
— Pat
The sign says, 'We bullshitted it for cool stuff'.
— Woolie
Well, we've had Jurassic Park, we've had Jurassic Park 2: The Lost Levels, but then we have Jurassic World, you gotta go for Jurassic Galaxy.
— Woolie
We're gonna have to get a bunch of raptors tapping on computers to get to the bottom of this.
— Matt

Trivia Edit


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