SBFC 132

Just Wrap the Belt around your Junk

Show Notes 132
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Length 02:32:34
Date Feb 15, 2016
Guest AGermanSpy
Previous A World Where Monsters Rule
“Let the profits hit the floor.” — Liam

Just Wrap the Belt around your Junk is the one-hundred and thirty-second episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

This week on the Friendcast: Matt suffers through shlock, Pat yells STREET FIGHTA FYV, Woolie yells STREET FIGHTA FYV, Liam puts his faith in the Ouya 2, and German Spy tries PC souls.
— Website description


Speaking of cool guys in the Souls community...
— Woolie
I wish we had one on the podcast.
— Pat
Street Fighter 2 came out and by day two there were killers.
— Pat
You're starting to fall asleep and then you're bolted awake by hard Chinese racism.
— Pat
Stuck between a Rock Band and a hard place.
— Pat
“'That green glow looks really cool.' says Woolie as he sews more LEDs into his clothes.
— Pat
Original Chess had too many frame traps.
— Pat
Let the profits hit the floor.
— Liam
Nobody can be paler than me. I don't know what that means.
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: If you were each a heel going for the WWE Title, what foreign object would you use? from Jordan

  • Matt: Mountain Dew bottles.
  • Pat: A gun.
  • Woolie: An electric eel.
  • Liam: My opponent's child.
  • GermanSpy: A teapot.

Q: How do you pronounce "mana"? from Brant

  • Best Friends: Man-ah.
  • GermanSpy: Mon-ah.

Q: What's Woolie's favorite element of Gundam SEED and what's Pat's favorite element of Chrono Cross? from Lucas

  • Pat: The core concept and the general art style.
  • Woolie: Andrew Bartfield.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The music used in the outro is "The Musashi Legend " from Brave Fencer Musashi.
  • Esoteric Fact: Quebec Rt. 132 is the longest highway in Quebec, traveling from the southern shore of the St. Lawrence River to the border of New York.

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