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Justice League Task Force

Justice League Scrublords
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Game Justice League Task Force (SNES & Genesis)
Upload Date Apr 1, 2016
Length 35:34
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“Character I don't recognize? Probably a Flash villain.” — Pat

Justice League Task Force is the twenty-eighth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam join the likes of allegory Jesus and Adam Sandler's Waterboy to fight on top of Batman, harvest beaver felt, watch Darkseid whip it out, and discover a world where everyone is Gen.

About Edit

Oh no! Blizzard has made a really mediocre fighting game! And they won't give us a drop of water, AND they snapped our air-hose! IT'S THE PERFECT MURDER!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Acclaim. RIP in piece buddies. You guys made shit games all day.
— Pat
Hey, Woolie, you want some fun Jesus/Superman facts?
— Pat
Are there even any other characters? I heard Wonder Woman shows up at the end for three minutes.
— Lima
Nuh uh. You can't see my butt hole even though you should be able to see it no problem.
— Pat
It's more like the sound of moisture.
— Woolie
So, disclaimer to all Americans, beavers are not made out of felt.
— Liam
You went, 'Fucking, Lois Lane sucks because she's not as hot as other characters.'.
— Matt
No, that's not what I said. I said, 'She sucks because she is stupid and also unattractive.'.
— Pat
Character I don't recognize? Probably a Flash villain.
— Pat
I wanna corkscrew blow Death in her coocher.
— Pat



Matt 1/2
Pat 2/1
Woolie 3/1
Liam 0/2


Matt 1/1
Pat 0/1
Woolie 1/2
Liam 2/2


  • The Best Friends previously played Justice League Task Force at the start of the Injustice Machinima video.
  • The music used during the intro is "Superman Stage" from Justice League Task Force.

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