Kabuki Warriors

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Game Kabuki Warriors
Length 16:19
Upload Date Aug 13, 2012
Winner Woolie
Next Deadliest Warrior Legends
Previous Double Dragon V The Shadow Falls
“I'm getting lost in the culture of Japan here.” — Matt

Scrublords - Kabuki Warriors has Matt and Woolie continuing the tournament with a game so rich in Japanese culture that you could almost hear Liam's boner knocking on the door trying to get in to play. Woolie-kun's German suplexes, clutch comebacks and cross screen breaths of fire were too much for Matt-kun as he wins his first Scrublords match.

Quotes Edit

These are from Getty images!
— Matt on level select
The ancient Japanese art of the German suplex.
— Matt
I'm going to put my money on jiggle physics.
— Woolie
The suplex! SO OP!
— Woolie
Fugu! I want fugu!
— Matt
I'm just a feeble traveling monk man, why would you do this?
— Woolie
My family has no honor, thank you for pissing on our grave.
— Matt on losing

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