Friday Night Fisticuffs

Karate Tournament / Holloseum

Karate Tournament FNF
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Game Chatan Yarakuu Shanku – The Karate Tournament, Holloseum
Upload Date May 15, 2015
Length 37:32
Previous Mortal Kombat X (Fisticuffs)
Next 1 on 1
“My asshole is like Whitney Houston and Woolie is my bodygaurd.” — Matt

Karate Tournament / Holloseum is the forty-eighth episode of the Friday Night Fisticuffs series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam purchase two super legit arcade machines so they can battle Kamen Rider inside a continuously exploding building, host a human centipede party, practice their footsies on a weird mirror floor, and cast Stamper as the new voice actor for Goku.

About Edit

These old ass coin-ops are weird, but cool!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Okay, I'm white.
— Matt
You're white? I'm black, alright?
— Woolie
Pat Mortia's dead as fuck. He's not as dead as David Carradine, but he's still pretty dead.
— Pat
Bitch! What now, Matt?
— Pat
I'm not even paying attention.
— Matt
I know you're like, 'What do you mean? He's leaving to go to the bathroom. What do you mean he's shitting his pants?'. He's shitting his pants in Matt's bathroom.
— Pat
I did not allow this but it's happening regardless.
— Matt
My asshole is like Whitney Houston and Woolie is my bodygaurd.
— Matt
I like the idea that Archie, the character, when he's being shut-down by Veronica, who is obviously better than Betty...
— Pat
Wow, you're getting into some dark territory.
— Matt
Betty's got some flaws too.
— Woolie
What? That she makes pies all day and supports you?
— Matt

Wins/Losses Edit

Karate Tournament

Matt 1/4
Pat 4/1
Woolie 0/2
Liam 3/1


Matt 0/2
Pat 3/1
Woolie 2/2
Liam 3/3

Letter TimeEdit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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