Kickwatcher - Last Year

Last Year Kickwatcher
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Game Last Year
Length 4:22
Date Dec 15, 2014

Kickwatcher - Last Year is a video featuring Matt talking about the kickstarter project for the multiplayer horror video game Last Year. He talks about his love of 80s slasher movies and why he thinks this game concept has potential. While he encourages people to support the project, he uploaded the video after the kickstarter goal was achieved so that the fans wouldn't feel pressured to donate.

About Edit

— Matt

Quotes Edit

Last Year is a 5 versus 1 multiplayer FPS, much in the same mold as Evolve, kinda, but instead of a team of space-marines assault-dudes soldier-men, you play as the most underrated heroes of all: teenager clichés
— Matt
The game is a far way off as it's scheduled to come out in 2016 and it's just a concept right now, but one i just wholeheartedly support
— Matt
Maybe when it releases we can have a big dumb multiplayer video like we did with Far Cry 4 - maybe. We'll have to see where it goes.
— Matt

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