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Killer 7

Killer 7
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Game Killer 7
Controller Matt
Length 32:26
Next Obscure
Previous Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented
“I can't handle how extreme Killer 7 is.” — Pat

Killer 7 is the twenty-eighth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm of Scariness special.

About Edit

LiSteN, this VideO is rEAlly tiGHt! In tHE naME oF tHE BesT frIENDS!
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat enter a surreal cell-shaded universe and kill Heaven Smiles. Along the way, they project themselves into the many corporeal forms of Peter Stillman, talk to the ghost of Travis Touchdown, infuse a bloody sack with life, and talk to a disembodied head inside of a washing machine.

Quotes Edit

I can't handle how extreme Killer 7 is.
— Pat
Shoot his weak point, nerd!
— Pat
I just wanna see the bloody sack.
— Pat
I'm really interested in this bloody sack.
— Pat
Look how No More Heroes this shit is!
— Matt
Only Sonic could make this game better.
— Pat

Trivia Edit

  • The first one hundred seconds of this video consists of Matt and Pat talking about James Bond.
  • Matt has stated that, though he'd like to do something with Killer 7, it's too long and difficult. [1]

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