This is an extended page of the Killer Is Dead "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Join us as we dive into this incredibly weird, nonsensical, but super rad Killer is 7 game thing. Let's go to the moon fuckers!
— Part one
We goin to Tuxedo Masks house?! AWWWW YEAAH
— Part two
A 1 on 1 sword battle already? Ohhh yeaaaah.
— Part three
Vampire Jonah Jameson? I need pictures of this. Spiderman.
— Part four
Wrappin up this J.Jonah DLC mission and yknow what? It was pretty good.
— Part five
Bonus missions, fast forwarding and weird dreams. I can barely follow this shit anymore.
— Part six
— Part seven
We beat up Daft Punks dad, mack on some ladies, and then ninjas break into Matts house to kill us. Awwww shiiit.
— Part eight
Matt may not know how to guard break, but that won't stop us from managing to break this kitties claws.
— Part nine
More weird dreams? Fuck that, let's fight GIANT HEAD.
— Part ten
Here we go! THE FINAL FIGHT against this one particular enemy. PLUS THE EARTH AND SUN AND WHAT.
— Part eleven
Let's fuck up Thomas the Tank Engine!
— Part twelve
Alright Nimdok, let's just see how much of a dirtbag you really are.
— Part thirteen
I may not like where we ended up, but hell if I didn't enjoy the trip there.
— Part fourteen FINAL

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