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King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2

KOF Maximum Impact
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Game King Of Fighters 2006
Upload Date May 1, 2015
Length 1:03:32
Previous Tobal 1
Next Super Fighter
“Confirmed. Terry Bogard shitting up the comments section on a website near you.” — Pat

King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact 2 is the tenth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam feast their eyes on the highest quality SNK porn that the company has to offer as they get lost in a sea of alternate costumes, listen to the incredible translations, and read through giant Wikipedia entries pretending to be a story mode.

About Edit

You know what? It's average. Which means, for a KOF game, it's bad. Now check out these sick costumes.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

As a fighting game, not that great. As a button-basher, serviceable. As a SNK fan wank service machine, god like.
— Woolie
We're gonna spend so much more time on the roster than playing this game.
— Pat
Congrats on managing to bullshit some amazing quality footage out of this PS2, Woolie. Your technical wizardry never ceases to amaze.
— Pat
We're complimenting everything but the gameplay.
— Matt
I am blown away by my total lack of salt. I feel nothing.
— Pat
That's the new Pokemon actually. That's what Nuzleaf evolves into.
— Woolie
Somewhere on the internet, you know people are designing sexy evolutions for their Pokemon.
— Woolie
Cranky looks up nervously.
— Matt
Confirmed. Terry Bogard shitting up the comments section on a website near you.
— Pat
Look at the time spent on Terry's jeans and his butthole.
— Matt


Matt 0/2
Pat 3/1
Woolie 2/1
Liam 0/1


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