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Kings of Kung Fu

Kings of Kung Fu Title
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Game Kings of Kung Fu
Upload Date Jul 24, 2015
Length 31:07
Previous Pretty Fighter
Next Veteran Combat
“Fuck you. I refuse your vision of the world.” — Pat
“Fuck you and your accurate history.” — Matt

Kings of Kung Fu is the fifteenth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam stare at a thousand cease and desist orders in the making as they get a surprise visit from their own font and wipe of the fancy varnish to see the games true self.

About Edit

You know what? I respect the effort, I really do.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

Jae-Lee Productions presents Kings of Kung Fu, Shaw Brothers Please Don't Sue Us, Masters of the Art.
— Woolie
Shaolin style.
— Matt
Oh my god, there's too many fonts. Stop!
— Liam
It's like my aunt using Photoshop.
— Woolie
How do you like my 'nuts to your face' style?
— Matt
Isn't it 'nuts to your fist'?
— Pat
Man, I wish Jackie Chun was in this game.
— Pat
He's coming.
— Liam
— Matt
Fuck you. I refuse your vision of the world.
— Pat
Fuck you and your accurate history.
— Matt
Is that his name or are you gonna open the move list and it's something else?
— Liam
It's hard to win a lawsuit when you're too high on crack to show up to court.
— Pat
She's either awesome or a Nascar racer.
— Liam
Is there a sequel called Undefeated 2: Defeated?
— Matt
Undefeatable 3: Defeat Pending.
— Woolie
Is that the worst so far?
— Pat
I don't know. We played this.
— Liam


Matt 2/2
Pat 0/2
Woolie 5/0
Liam 0/3

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