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Knack II

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Game Knack II
Season 12
Episode 13
Length 13:31
Upload Date Sep 17, 2017
Controller Matt, Co-op
Previous Yakuza Kiwami
“This looks awful. Like, we're not even doing a bit anymore.” — Matt

Super Best Friends Play Knack II is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat try their best not to vomit whenever the "human" characters they're protecting come on screen and teach past versions of themselves moves in the future to use in the past.


We bumble and bash our way through the oh-so-memorable world of Knack.
— Video description


It looks like Mark Cerny has a real "Knack" for making bad games, two.
— Pat
Remember this was supposed to be a PS4 showcase? Is it still that?
— Matt
— Pat
I swear to God, if Mark Cerny did not personally come out and talk about this game, this would be the most forgotten video ga... this is on the level of, like, Vex but at least Vex had claws.
— Pat
This looks awful. Like, we're not even doing a bit anymore.
— Matt
You know what this reminds me of? The Wonderful 101 but if you took out every single piece of charm or class.
— Pat
Why class? It's not like Knack has his dick out.
— Matt
Everyone has just enough Knack pieces to make him a certain size.
— Pat
Oh, I heard they have just enough pieces to make him circumcised.
— Matt
— Pat
X-Com's really good.
— Pat
Sorry I just have a little Dean Takahashi in my head.
— Matt, after dying at a simple tutorial several times
I hope Knacko isn't some obscure fucking racial slur.
— Matt
You know it is.
— Pat

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