This is an extended page of the L.A. Noire (Full Let's Play) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Parts one through twenty-eight have no description

DAILY reminder that this is not a DAILY LP.
— Part twenty-nine
Wait, is this a DAILY?
— Part thirty
This isn't L.A. Noire... Oh wait, IT IS!! Had my above description copy-paste ready to post the moment the video loaded, even before knowing what the video is! I pasted this stuff so fast, I'm 100% sure I'm FIRST to describe this video.
— Part thirty-one
It's COMMENT TIIIIIIIIIIIME~♪ It's COMMENT TIME~♩ w/ Billy Silly (Is This His Real Name?) Okay, time to randomly pick a comment from the previous video and read it. Alright, got one! Now this one says: "This is not a daily? Fuck you, description." Woah, there! Description says: "Yeah, well, fuck you too." It's not its fault that this isn't a daily. Oh, would you look at this! That's the third comment we've read in the comment section from User-san! Congratulations! User-san, we'll have a fantabulous prize heading your way! I'm not saying what, but it's worth a cool million yen! Well, that's it for comment time! Now back to our show Video & Arcade Top 10!
— Part thirty-two
Today's video is brought you by Uninspired Description.
— Part thirty-three
I apologize that the description from yesterday's video has crashed your youtube app. But really, the real blame isn't me, but the youtube developers for allowing users like me to inadvertently cause crash bugs.
— Part thirty-four
— Part thirty-five
— Part thirty-six
What is a description?
— Part thirty-seven
Bang bang, he shot me down \ Bang bang, I hit the ground \ Bang bang, that awful sound
— Part thirty-eight
Suits Season 6 Episode 5: 11:27
— Part thirty-nine
"Sometimes you gotta shake the real estate agent and see how much yen fall out." - Hiroya 'Mr. Shakedown' Egashira
— Part forty
That booty is way too fat, what is up with that? Who allowed that thiccness to compete?
— Part forty-one
Can I get the abridged version? My head hurts...
— Part forty-two
If a woman tells you she's 16 and looks 16.. she's nearly 13.
— Part forty-three
Please, Jack, say it isn't so.
— Part forty-four
_ノ乙(、ン、)_ I'm tired.
— Part forty-five
DISCLAIMER: The experiments presented in this video are performed by professionally trained idiots. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!
— Part forty-six
Chasing cars like an American football game.
— Part forty-seven
Trash cans, immobile as a mountain, are the true car stoppers.
— Part forty-eight

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