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Labyrinth X

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Game Labyrinth X
Upload Date Dec 18, 2013
Controller Liam and Matt
Next Dead or Alive Xtreme 2
“That got way more graphic than it had too. This is like Woolie's parties.” — Liam

Creepy Anime Bullshit - Labyrinth X is the first episode in the Creepy Anime Bullshit series. In this episode Matt and Liam play a super creepy indie game, mispronounce brassier, look for hot mouse girls, high kick spiders, look for ninja swords, and rescue anime girls from the Monstar queen.

About Edit

We are heading down a dark, dark path. Come along with us!
— Facebook post

Quotes Edit

There's no good way to start this video.
— Liam
Fresh from the 5200, here we are.
— Liam
More moral issues than Indigo Prophecy.
— Liam
A! A! A! Aaaaaaa! Fuck you! Yeah! I'm doing it!
— Matt
Ohhh... it pushed it into the Voltron.
— Liam
No, that was pay MSP. There was no experience, it said pay 80 MSP.
— Liam
It's like Custer's Revenge in the background.
— Liam
This game is not realistic at all! I don't know anymore.
— Matt
— Liam


  • This game was originally going to be used in a Xbox Live Indie Games episode, but was deemed, "Too hot for Youtube" by Matt.

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