Best Friends Play

Late Shift

Late Shift Title
Watch parts [one] and [ two] on the website

Watch parts one and two on YouTube

Game Late Shift
Episodes 2
Length 01:05:05
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Jul 17, 2017 - Jul 19, 2017
“I went nuts. I bit everything I saw, I shit on the floor. It was all good, up until here.” — Matt

Best Friends Play - Late Shift is a two-part special in which Matt and Woolie get roped into a good old fashioned British heist film as they crear their memory, make stray black children watch Naruto, and play some FIFA.

About Edit

Wait, is this a game?
— Part one description
I used to work a graveyard shift at a gas station. The fun thing about it is that I hooked up my PSX on the security TV and played games all night.
— Part two description

Quotes Edit

This is an FMV game. Streamed this a few months ago. It's fucking hilarious.
Ala Nighttrap.
Less gameplay than that.
Don't even give me an option because the sweet molasses is coming out of my mouth. Whatever you wanna hear.
I'll suck whatever.
It'd be funny if he puts R's in things that don't even have them.
Matt about the Chinese waiter
Maybe it'll be like a David Cage game where two characters that shouldn't feel anything for each other have random sex, and scream for their children's names.
I played the entire game fast and loose and I got up to this point. I went nuts. I bit everything I saw, I shit on the floor. It was all good, up until here.
What were the numbers on shitting on the floor?
Fifty-fifty, like they always are. People are either disgusted or impressed.

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