Rustlemania 10

Legends of Wrestlemania

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Game Legends of Wrestlemania
Length 28:46
Winner Matt, Woolie (2x)
Previous Ultimate Muscle Kinnikuman Legacy
Next WWF Warzone
“Let my people go! WOOOOOO!” — Pat as Ric Flair

Legends of Wrestlemania is the tenth episode in the Best Friends' Rustlemania special.


Wait, didn't we already play this? I'm so confused.
— Video Description

Description Edit

In this episode, the Best Friends start off with a three man match featuring Pat playing as the internationally recognized dirtbag, Michael Hayes. Then, as Pat audibly chows down on some chips two dork girls brought, Matt and Woolie go at it during a ladder match between Junkyard Dog and the Undisputed Champion of Racist Characters, Kamala. Finally, a Royal Rumble is played where really no one knows who they are.

Quotes Edit

Didn't we fucking play this game?
— Woolie
— Pat
Did you just saying REGENDS OF WRESTLING?
— Matt
I have a signed picture of Iron Sheik pissing his pants.
— Woolie
I picked Michael Hayes, shitbag anonymous.
— Pat
That's a walking drug problem.
— Woolie on Michael Hayes
So if J.R. is commentating in the past does that mean he gets unstroked?
— Woolie
You're kind of a dick for making fun of him.
— Matt to Woolie
We should've shoved those shrimp chips down his throat!
— Pat talking about Liam
He looks like a Resident Evil 5 boss!
— Matt, on Kamala's entrance outfit
Now it's Pat and Woolie, the blackout.
— Pat
Would you let Hakan oil you up?
— Woolie
Do I get a shot at his daughters?
— Pat talking about Hakan's prepubescent daughters
No, wait!
— Pat realizing what he had just said
Basically a cooler, more built Pat.
— Matt on Jim Neidhart
He was wrestling the Pharaohs.
— Matt on Ric Flair

Jimmies' Status Edit

Matt - [ ]Rustled [ ]Unrustled

Pat - [x]Rustled [ ]Unrustled

Woolie - [ ]Rustled [ ]Unrustled


  • The intro music is "Spirit" by Dave Oliver, Diamond Dallas Page's entrance music.
  • The outro song is Repo Man's theme, "Repossessor Blues" by Jim Johnston.

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