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Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham

Lego Batman Title
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Game Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham
Season 9
Episode 8
Length 16:20
Upload Date Dec 21, 2014
Previous WWE 2K15
Next Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
“Shove all that sweet meat in my Bat-mouth.” — Pat

Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat and Woolie catch bits of the DC universe sneaking into their Batman game, press the weird PS4 button that no one presses, argue over who has to play, listen to Woolie faun over Casandra Cain, allow Adam West to be eaten by a shark, and see dirty things in the Batman logo.

About Edit

Bruce probably could have played with Legos as much as he wanted to when he was growing up.
— Facebook description

Quotes Edit

The Lego games are the most mysterious to us because we are simultaneously too stupid and too smart for them.
— Matt
It almost killed my fiancée! It almost did, and she just laughed in the background!.
— Matt, referring to Arkham Origins
It's true, I almost died.
— Woolie
Chillin', having drinks with Robin, talking about shit.
— Pat
Hey Robin, are you dead yet?
— Matt
Lego Oracle, like, Joker just pops her out of her leg socket and puts her in a wheelchair.
— Woolie
You're not Aqua Strike Batman.
— Woolie
That's the Bat-toilet.
— Matt
Where he takes Bat-shits.
— Woolie
Don't worry Robin, you're not getting laid anytime soon.
— Matt
Why did I say Kevin Ghost Bacon?
— Matt
Excuse me guys, I need Johnny Depp to dress up funny and make out with my wife.
— Pat
Make a check mark on the books for a skin suit Superman reference.
— Woolie
Should we go back for Adam West or fuck him?
— Matt
Well, let's go back and fuck Adam West. How 'bout that?
— Pat
Shove all that sweet meat in my Bat-mouth.
— Pat
My parents aren't here to tell me I can't.
— Matt, as Batman

Gallery Edit

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