Two Best Friends Play:

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Lego Marvel Super Heroes
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Game Lego Marvel Super Heroes
Season 8
Episode 10
Length 15:26
Upload Date Jan 5, 2014
Controller Matt, Pat, and Woolie
Previous Walking Dead Season 2
Next WWE 2K14
“This sucks, cause it's not a Nintendo game where we can kill each other.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play : AMERICAN LEGO!!! - Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat troll Woolie into thinking he's playing MAHVEL. They turn into Tim "The Toolman" Taylor as Mr. Fantastic, imagine J. Jonah Jameson as the President, and put Shadowcat into various sexual encounters.


What weird creepy thing will Mr. Fantastic turn into next?
— Video description
Man, I can’t handle Lego Mr. Fantastic, I just can’t. STOP THAT! UGH!
— Website description


The intro begins with the Lego Marvel super heroes getting beaten up by Magneto and Dr. Doom. Suddenly, both villains have their heads yanked off from behind by Matt and Pat. The two of them are then picked up by Galactus, who proceeds to tear their heads off.


Ego the Living Planet is MY religion.
— Matt
I'm Woolie's childhood.
— Matt, when playing as The Incredible Hulk
Lies are great. I love lying.
— Pat
This sucks, cause it's not a Nintendo game where we can kill each other.
— Matt
Iron Man doesn't need to take Viagra, he is Viagra.
— Matt
Why does my Norton face look like my Ruffalo face?
— Matt
Thanks, Obama. I signed up for hope and change, not vaginal centipedes.
— Pat
You needed the three smartest guys in Marvel to pour water on Sandman.
— Pat
As least in DC, Plastic Man's a weirdo so no one's too surprised by it.
— Woolie
Why is everything a probe?
— Matt
Put 50% of our economy into catching Spider-Man.
— Woolie
Fuckin' Willem Dafoe!
— Matt
— Matt


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