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Lethal League

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Game Lethal League
Upload Date Apr 03, 2015
Length 44:02
Previous One Must Fall 2097
Next Gang Beasts
“This game's such a bizarre race for the death object.” — Liam

Lethal League is the forty-fifth episode of the Friday Night Fisticuffs series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam play as a former Sonic character, ping pong Obama, and Takahata 101 in the new sport sensation that's sweeping the sewers and insane asylums.

About Edit

It's like Tennis Air Hockey Wind Jammers, minus the respect for entropy and our understanding of reality.
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Wait, in squash, are you trying to hit the ball at people?
— Liam
— Pat
This really feels like four person air hockey with jumping.
— Pat
That's some fucking Extreme-G bullshit.
— Matt
You guys choked really... fuck, Ichoked really hard.
— Pat
Takahata's towering length and girth is helping me.
— Matt
If you guys want Woolie to win, just use the code "Woolie M".
— Matt
Okay, where;s Master Hand?
— Liam
Wouldn't it be a Master Babe Ruth or something?
— Pat
This game's such a bizarre race for the death object.
— Liam
Creepy weirdo over cool chick all the time. Every day.
— Pat
It's my OC without even knowing it's my OC.
— Woolie

Wins/Losses Edit


Matt 1/4
Pat 0/5
Woolie 4/1
Liam 0/5


Matt 2/1
Pat 2/1
Woolie 0/3
Liam 2/1


Matt 1/2
Pat 1/2
Woolie 2/1
Liam 2/1

Letter TimeEdit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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