Liam's Super On-Time Top Ten of 2012!

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Length 9:59
Upload Date Jun 16, 2013
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“Hey, this is Liam... the world's most nervous Best Friend!” — Liam

Liam's Super On-Time Top Ten of 2012! is a run through of Liam's favorite ten games of the 2012. Woolie's was released on May 27th, Matt's was released on June 2nd and Pat's was on June 9th. True to form, only one of the ten games named (Skullgirls) was developed outside of Japan and the list is laden with Vita titles, so all six other Vita owners can relate to it. 

Also, he wants to be clear, all the girls in Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F are above eighteen, probably.

About Edit

The azure dream tells us what was the most kawaii-desu games of 2012!
— Video description

Liam's Top Ten Edit

  1. Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
  2. Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F
  3. The Last Story
  4. Kid Icarus Uprising
  5. Resident Evil Revelations
  6. Katawa Shoujo
  7. Anarchy Reigns
  8. Skullgirls
  9. E.X. Trooper
  10. Gravity Rush

Quotes Edit

I'm here with my top ten, that I'm, uh, tell it to you in all my nervous voice. Please get excite.
— Liam
If you don't like anime, what's wrong with you? Really?
— Liam
I'd elaborate on why I like this game so much but my lawyers advise me not to cause more liabilities as I am still on house arrest.
— Liam on Katawa Shoujo
I REALLY don't remember when humans built a city called Terragrigia that blew up in 2008.
— Liam
And it causes more wrist damage than that time Matt watched easy A.
— Liam on Kid Icarus

Trivia Edit

  • The intro song is "Poolside Identity - Chuunibyou x Kendrick Lamar". The full version can be found on YouTube.
  • Woolie edited this video together for Liam, which explains the similar themes and appearances to his own top ten list.

Gallery Edit

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