Super Best Friends Play

Life of Black Tiger

Black Tiger Title
Watch this episode on YouTube
Game Life of Black Tiger
Season 12
Episode 7
Length 14:20
Upload Date Jul 9, 2017
Controller Matt, Pat
Previous Crash Bandicoot
Next Final Fantasy XII
“Think about this. We're playing this and Scalebound was cancelled.” — Matt

Super Best Friends Play Life of Black Tiger is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat ignore Canada's merciful anti-Black Tiger laws and witness the rebirth of their oldest and greatest foe.


How many boss wolves can you kill in the fixed time?
— Video description


We made one game...
— Matt
And it's the only game we'll ever get to make.
— Pat
Underneath Life of Black Tiger it says..
— Pat
The Rage of Black Tiger.
— Matt and Pat
And it's a fucking white tiger!
— Matt
— Pat
Xbox Live Indie Games is born again on PS4.
— Matt
Female human. Most delicious.
— Matt
Now consume his flesh and gain his powers. The powers of a goat.
— Matt
It's one more exclusive than Xbox has.
— Matt
Think about this. We're playing this and Scalebound was cancelled.
— Matt
I'm mounting her already.
— Matt
Kind of?
— Pat
That's how I would do it.
— Matt
By clipping through?
— Pat
Y'know, it works.
— Matt
She doesn't seem to notice me, even though I have fully consumed her.
— Matt

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