Lords of Shadow 2

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Game Lords of Shadow 2
Length 26:30
Controller Liam
Upload Date March 7, 2014
“But this seems to be some sort of fantasy future.” — Matt
“I guess so, since Dracula's here.” — Liam

Bestfriendvania - Lords of Shadow 2 is a Bestfriendvania episode in which Matt and Liam bum around as hobo Dracula, stealth kill space marines, borrow Bruce Wayne's bats, dishearten statues, seek the secret of the ooze, play rat-forming levels, and throw balls of food into the forest.

About Edit

What are the best friends? A miserable pile of secrets! But enough talk, WATCH THE VIDEO!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

I will drain the blood from this creature you call the pee-zaa!
— Matt
I cosplayed Alphonse once. The suit cost an arm and a leg.
— Liam
Fuck your boxes! Dracula bows to no boxes!
— Matt
What are they doing, decontaminating you? You're Dracula, you have the most venereal diseases in the world.
— Matt
Pogs!? Who is this Lord Pog? I'll kill him!
— Matt
Is he the brethren of Lord Pee-zaa?
— Liam
This is a magic font. That seems like a pretty default font to me.
— Liam
Why are you doing Dracula upskirts?
— Matt
I'm so used to playing games with anime girls in them.
— Liam
Yeah, Satan is usually behind demon-infested corporations. Just ask Fox News.
— Matt
Hell fights its way into your heart. Hell confirmed for Smash.
— Liam


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