SBFC 114

Lube-Bu and the K.Y Dynasty

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Length 03:28:24
Date Oct 12, 2015
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“It turns out our podcast was Frog Fractions 2.” — Liam

Lube-Bu and the K.Y Dynasty is the one-hundred and fourteenth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

A civil(!) discussion about Undertale is had.
— Website description


The Han dynasty was not at all an awful slog.
— Matt
The mailman hands me something and I'm like, 'This isn't a loot crate.'.
— Woolie
It's a subpoena.
— Liam
That one really sexy episode of Reading Rainbow.
— Matt
Liam, put your pants back on.
— Matt
Yeah, there it is. Liam's Davey Crocket.
— Pat
It turns out our podcast was Frog Fractions 2.
— Liam
Barf double. Double barf.
— Pat
I like having a weapon I can't use.
— Matt
Yeah, like your dick.
— Pat
Thank you for telling me I have a big double edged dick.
— Matt
Woolie you look cool, but Matt's story is better.
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q: What's your reaction to meeting someone you look up to, or they're super popular? from Unknown

  • Matt: If I met Joe Madureira right now, I'd blubber all over myself.
  • Pat: I don't look up to people, metaphorically. The closest I got was with Guy Chihi but that was because I associate his voice with James from Silent Hill 2.
  • Woolie: I don't care about meeting people I admire. I tell them I like their stuff and it's cool.
  • Liam: I act normally.

Q: Have you been paying attention to Frog Fractions ARG? from Unknown

  • Pat: No. I despise ARGs.
  • Woolie: Yes.

Q: Who's your most underrated manga artist? from Jim

  • Matt: I don't know any underrated manga artists.
  • Pat: I don't know any underrated manga artists.
  • Woolie: The guy who drew Prison High School.
  • Liam: We're too surface to answer this properly.

Q: If you taught a video game class on some aspect of video games, what would you teach? from Unknown

  • Matt: Story and pacing.
  • Pat: Resource management vs tension in horror games.
  • Woolie: Combat mechanics.
  • Liam: Never finish God Hand and 2-D beat 'em ups.

Q: What do you mean when you talk about fundamentals in fighting games? from Kyle

  • Matt: Knowing the base game well enough that you can move to another without any problems.
  • Woolie: The bread and butter of pressing the right buttons at the right distance. Knowing when you can and can't hit someone.
  • Liam: Experience that applies to all fighting games.

Q: Single edge blades like katanas and sabers or double edged blades like claymores and ? from Chris

  • Matt: Nunchakus.
  • Pat: Double edged.
  • Woolie: Double edged.
  • Liam: Context is everything. Rapiers are the coolest.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Wedding stuff and Crimson Peak.
  • Pat: Witcher 3 DLC.
  • Woolie: Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans.
  • Liam: Corpse Party.

Trivia Edit