Best Friends Play VS

Magfest 12

Magfest Title
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Episodes 2
Combined Length 1:22:01
Original Run Jan 10, 2014 - Jan 11, 2014
“Be there, or be a lame asshole, like Pat or Liam.” — Matt

Best Friends Play VS Magfest 12 is a set of videos showing Matt and Woolie's adventures at Magfest 2014. It consists of an announcement video and two videos at the convention. The first video has them roaming around the convention and talking to people, whilst the second is of the panel that they held.

Best Friends Play Vs. MagfestEdit

Best Friends Play Vs. Magfest begins with Woolie showing off the fancy lobby of the hotel they stayed at, until Matt interrupts so they can do something more important. Matt and Woolie wander through the convention and watch people play 3DSs, bet on Shaq Fu fights, ask Cammy about her changes in Street Fighter, stalk James Rolfe, mock the Primal Rage booth, discuss the differences between American and Canadian cereal, and find the script to Beyond Two Souls. Afterwards, they go back to their hotel room to show off the gifts they received from fans. Then Matt whores himself to pay for plane tickets home.

Super Best Friends Talk!Edit

Watch this video on the website Watch this video on Youtube


  • There was also a short video announcing that the Best Friends would be attending Magfest 2014.

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