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Episodes 2
Combined Length 1:44:44
Original Run Feb 01, 2015
“Yo MAGFest? Fucking greatest ever. Godlike swag.” — Woolie

Best Friends Play VS Magfest 13 is a series of videos showing Matt, Woolie, and Liam's shenanigans at Magfest 13. The first video show them traversing the convention as they compete in a TMNT Tournament Fighters torunament, play with a bugged out Street Fighter: The Movie cabinet, continue to name all the cosplay outfits with one-hundred percent accuracy, and help cut promos for arm wrestling matches. The second video contains the panel they had during the convention.


We had a blast at MAGFest! Thanks to all the fans we met! YOU GUYS ARE THE HYPEST!
— Website description


Did you just pack booze and Punisher comics?
— Woolie
— Matt
Oh my god, Jet Jaguar mirror matches! You don't know motherfuckers! Babe, I don't say this lightly, but this is better than when I proposed to you. I'm sorry.
— Matt
It is though.
— Matt's fiancée
I'd like to hear Liam on commentary. He'd just be like, "Oh this game is really good, but I wish it was on the Vita.".
— Matt
Sethkillian didn't believe us! No one believed us! It's been a decade, but now it's true!
— Woolie on the Street Fighter:The Movie game's bugs
Has anyone had any interest in buying that Shadow figure at all?
— Matt
No, no, and it's almost the cheapest thing here.
— Vendor
IBM PCs motherfucker! ...I don't know how to work this!
— Matt
What the fuck did I waste my money on this time?
— Matt
Fans for Come Out Squirtle Children's book. This is awesome.
— Woolie
Too bad you can't read it.
— Matt
Ah, fuck you. It's gonna teach me how!
— Woolie
Yo MAGFest? Fucking greatest ever. Godlike swag.
— Woolie

Swag TimeEdit

Matt's Loot

  • Eternal Champions for Sega CD
  • Final Wars Godzilla figure
  • Godzilla 1985 figure
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Punished Snake figure
  • Pacific Rim Axehead figure
  • Horror Bishoujo Jason figure
  • Punisher Kleenex box from his fiancée
  • Final Fight pixel art paintings
  • Virtual Pro Wrestle 2 for Woolie
  • Hyrule Warriors scarf
  • Cthulhu art print
  • Shark Robot Gold and Green Power Ranger and Zelda shirts

Matt's gifts from fans

  • American Vampire
  • The Strange Tale of Luther Strode
  • Black Widow from Cool Comic Guy
  • Shitloads of Punisher comics
  • Cabella's Hunting for Wii from Orca Whale
  • MIB: Alien Crisis for Wii from Orca Whale
  • Sex Panther cologne
  • Trader Joe's chocolates and a Guinness glass
  • Punisher shirt

Woolie's Loot

  • Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance throw-over
  • Samus, Little Mac, and Ike Amiibos
  • Street Fighter 2 Look and Find book
  • Orange and Melon Lockseeds
  • Virtual Pro Wrestle 2 from Matt
  • Lots of Shark Robot shirts

Woolie's gifts from fans

  • Guinness scarf and glass
  • Swamp Pop drink
  • Ass Reaper sauce
  • Come Out Squirtle children's book
  • RAGE pixel bead art
  • Cowboy Bebop Remixes: Music for Freelance
  • '"Tobal No. 1 for PS1
  • Gasaraki from Matt from Australia
  • Slam Jam basketball
  • Punisher comic from Cool Comic Guy
  • Geodude card
  • Fan art
  • A letter
  • Lots of video game prints
  • Kill la Kill stickers

Item that Woolie ripped off Matt's style

  • Hyrule Warriors scarf
  • Shark Robot Zelda shirt

Best Friends Zaibatsu TALK! (MAGFest 13 Panel)Edit

Magfest Talk 13

Watch this video on the webiste Watch this video on YouTube

The Best Friends' Q&A panel seen in this video was also added to the seventy-seventh episode of the Super Best Friendcast, The Sleepy MAGcast: Cranky Takahata’s Eruption.


I wanna give a shout out to the Zaibatsupedia because they actually broke down our years into the Attitude Era, the PG Era, the Year of Face/Off, and The Golden Age.
— Woolie
I really liked the Attitude Era 'cause we had all those dumb angles that went nowhere.
— Matt
...And then they see us play the game, and that usually goes, "Oh my god, this is the worst. Why do I watch these guys? Kill me now.".
— Matt
Woolie you would hang pictures of yourself in a gallery.
— Liam
Fucking indonesianbob. Do we hire him or do we stop him? That's the question.
— Woolie
Yes we are awarding an award to our own joke.
— Liam
I think I know a thing or two about forced lore.
— Woolie
So the most disappointing thing about Murdered was...
— Liam
That I played it.
— Matt
Are we being brought down now to just whipping mints at our fans?
— Matt
What is the dumbest fighting game move of all time?
— Woolie
The rising tackle.
— Afro audience member
Fuck you.
— Matt
So everyone that was clamoring for more undead zombie sex, David Cage got you covered.
— Woolie
===The Besties===

The Besties were a series of awards given out by Matt, Woolie, and Liam during the 2015 MAGfest panel.

The Most Underrated Joke

The Most Forgotten LP

The Coyote Ugly Award (for the most obscure reference)

Best Lore

Best Dildo Award

  • Bad Dragon dildo
=== Q&A ===

Q:Do you ever notice a bump in sales with people buying games because of the Best Friends? - from Audience Member

  • When it's an indie game, like Tec3001 and The Fall but nothing from any major games.

Q:If you could be anyone from Gurren Laggan, besides Kamina, who would you be? - from Joe

  • Matt: Yoko
  • Woolie: King Kittan
  • Liam: Leeron

Q:To Woolie, what do you wish you had done differently during your Dark Souls 2 playthrough? - from Audience Member

  • Played Dark Souls 1 instead.

Q:What is your favorite game soundtrack? - from Audience Member

  • Matt: No More Heroes
  • Woolie: Katamari Damacy
  • Liam: The World Ends With You and Nier

Q:Who do you want to win Royal Rumble? - from Audience Member

  • Matt: Rob van Damn
  • Woolie: Kofi Kingston
  • Liam: John Cena

Q:Have you ever been directly approached by an indie company to do a Let's Play of their game? - from Triangle Girl

  • All the time, actually. It's usually our initiative though.

Q:To Liam, what's your favorite character from Nichijou? - from Audience Member

  • Misato Tachibana

Q:What is your favorite glitch from your LPs? - from Guy dressed as Neo Woolie

Q:Have you heard of Crossface? - from Guy dressed as Neo Woolie

  • No, we have not.

Q:To Matt, what was the decision making process for adding two more friends to the Zaibatsu? - from Audience Member

  • Because Woolie was the original second Best Friend and is another pillar of knowledge and Liam just elbowed his way into our lives with some messed up Star Fox shit.

Q:To Woolie, how do I box against a person about your size? - from Audience Member

  • Eat chocolate between rounds,.

Q:Where is the recipe for Liam Dip? - from Audience Member

  • It was my girlfriend's family recipes and Woolie named it Liam Dip, but it's not being released right now.

Q:What is your biggest system seller? - from Audience Member

  • Matt: Metal Gear Solid 3 PS2
  • Woolie: Street Fighter 5 PS4, Bayonetta 2 Wii U, Killer Instinct 2014 Xbone
  • Liam: I'm a bitch and I just buy systems when they come out.

Q:Are you going to be playing more games that will make longer LPs? - from Audience Member

  • It's not really planned but if it happens, we'll let it slide.

Q:Would you rather take a bike that can turn into a hoverboard or take your smartphone and turn it into Glitch? - from Audience Member

  • Matt: Glitch has more uses.
  • Woolie: Glitch!
  • Liam: Glitch

Q:Is there a contingency plan in place for if Nintendo ever realizes that you built an empire off of Kirby's "Green Greens" theme? - from Audience Member

  • Matt: We'll just use a re-mix.
  • Liam: You mean off of OUR "Green Greens" theme?



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