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Game War of the Monsters, R.A.D.: Robot Alchemic Drive, Rampage, Rampage: World Tour, Rampage: Total Destruction, King of the Monsters 2
Length 1:00:36
Date May 17, 2014
Previous Unleash Your Fisticuffs to Save the Earth
Next Movie Review & Final Thoughts
“Detroit? It won't look any different after we're done.” — Matt

Godzilla Week Day #6 - MONSTER GAMES! is the sixth episode of Godzilla Week.

About Edit

Who will be the king of the robot rampage in this world of war?
— Video description

Quotes Edit

Creeping chaos! New thrills, new shocks! Do you dare let Woolie into your house?
You're not Godzilla. You're 'Not Godzilla'!
I wanted to have big showdown on top of the Empire State Tokyo Tower Police!
— Matt
Cranky Kong confirmed for War of the Monsters.
— Pat
They're so amazing, everyone complained, and they got rid of them.
— Matt, on tank controls
I think the doctor had a previous line that these were never designed to fight, but I have a drill, a flamethrower, missiles, and lasers.
— Matt
And a crotch piece.
You destroyed, like, a million people, but mission cleared, who cares.
— Liam
Yeah, but in a real life situation, in real life, the frame rate would be really bad.
— Matt
We ran a train on that building!
— Woolie
Detroit? It won't look any different after we're done.
— Matt
Look at my attack. I'm doing the worm on top of that building.
— Matt
Yeah, get good Liam!
— Matt
No, I won't. I refuse.
— Liam
Ivan Ooze is always my default for goop.
— Liam

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