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MadWorld Title
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Game MadWorld
Episodes 13
Combined Length 06:28:14
Original Run Mar 1, 2015 - Apr 5, 2015
Controller Woolie, Matt (On waggle controls)
“This seems like a make believe fantasy sort of game, but this is Australia.” — Matt

Best Friends Play MadWorld is a full Let's Play in which Matt and Woolie participate in the sickest game show that has ever been denounced by the world government.


Yo, yo YO! You pimps and playas and pain purveyors! Now watch the W.O.O.L.Z and the Man of Muscles lay it down and let this video unfurl, BECAUSE WE BE GOING DOWN TO THE MOTHER FUCKIN' MADWORLD!
— Website description

See the individual episode descriptions at the MadWorld Descriptions page.

Quotes Edit

If you see a narration box over his head with Frank Miller's writing in it, peace the fuck out. You aren't the main character.
I love sponsors... Just use the code "Super Best Friends"...
He looks even more racist than normal.
Matt about Black Baron
This seems like a make believe fantasy sort of game, but this is Australia.
There's the two extremes of Australia. There's this and then there's going to the amphitheater.
He was in position for the gun kancho.
I'm gonna mash like Pat on a lonely Friday night.
Your very own rusty geisha girl.
Attention negro! Get off the golf course!
There's a big animation that I know you've masturbated to.
Let him stomp it out. Let him have his little baby Pat moment. 'Ah! Customer support doesn't fucking do my every need and desire!". "There's a dead pixel on something!".
No shits. Every shit in my ass is gone.
Robot bukkake any minute now!
What's more embarrassing to Capcom than Megaman? Apparently nothing.
Video is poker is super addictive, I wouldn't want to get thrown into one of those.
Remember kids, don't pay your taxes. You're just funding death games.


  • The title card art was done by Art of L.
  • The intro and outro music is:
    • Parts one, two and six through nine: "Ain't That Funny" from the MadWorld OST.
    • Parts three, four, five, ten, and eleven: "Get It Up" from the MadWorld OST.
    • Par twelve and Final: Different sections of "Get It Up" from the MadWorld OST.
  • Responding to a Friendcast e-mail, Matt stated that if he had to delete one LP from the channel, it would be MadWorld due to the many technical errors, poor decisions, bad editing and slow progress due to Woolie being new at the game. However he said that he'd like to redo the LP entirely if he had to delete it.

Gallery Edit

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