This is an extended page of the MadWorld "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


AWWWW YEAH! Listen up, pimps and playas and pain purveyors! Allow me to introduce the grandma of the swamp himself, the motha fuckin' double-you-oh-oh-zee who's gonna revel the blood, boobs and bouncing booties of this LP! Wait, wait, I'm not done yet baby! Alongside him of course is the man who throws axes amidst the hustle and bustle, cuz this is the goddamn mother fuckin' Matt McMuscles! So take a seat, and let this video unfurl, BECAUSE WE BE GOING DOWN TO THE MOTHER FUCKIN' MADWORLD!
— Part one
It's me, the mother fuckin' Black Baron here again, always giving you more! And right now, I'm letting you playa haters out there know the fuckin' score! Woolz and McMuscles just mutilated the drooling fool that is big Eddie, but there's way more asses to bust in this LP, so GET MOTHER FUCKIN' READY!
— Part two
Yo yo yo! Listen up playas! Here in Asian Town, there's all sorts of ways a big dick OG can get down! If you're feeling rowdy head on over to Liam's Kawaii Hentai shop, but keep ya eyes peeled playa, unless you want an uncomfortable run-in with the cops!
— Part three
This towering crib is home to the sweet shorties known as the GEI-SHAS, and if you're anything like the mother fuckin' Black Baron, them ladies ALWAYS KNOW how to TREAT YA!
— Part four
The story is coming is coming in hot and juicy now, and you know what that means, my fellow pimps! Time for Woolie and Matt to shut their mouths and stop being such wimps!
— Part five
Hey pimps and playas! Everyone's getting caught up in MadWorld Mania, but first let's take a detour into the sick-ass world of Castlevania!
— Part six
We moving on up playas! Deep into the heart of this stank-ass dungeon, so let's hope Woolz can save his life by chowing down on some of them onions!
— Part seven
You know we always be getting down with freaks of the night like tight-ass Succubi, but we ain't got time to waste cuz Woolie hasn't had his daily dose of pies!
— Part eight
Moving on from Castlevania, we gotta stay on the attack! Now it's time for a sick-ass motorcycle fight with some mother fucker named Kojack!
— Part nine
We've arrived in Area 51, so you better watch yo' asses, mofos! Cuz Jack's gotta keep his eyes peeled for those stank-ass UFOs!
— Part ten
The bloodbath continues as you hear the groans and moans! But the fun is just starting as we bounce mother fuckers around Casino Night Zone!
— Part eleven
The climatic showdown is upon us playas! So time to lace up yo’ boots, grit yo’ teeth, and say yo’ mother fucking prayers!
— Part twelve
After all this blood and carnage, I think all our stank asses need to take a bath! But one final part is left playas, so join us in the mother fucking aftermath!
— Part thirteen AFTERMATH/FINALE

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