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Mad Max

Mad Max Title
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Game Mad Max
Length 35:41
Controller Matt
Upload Date Sep 13, 2015
“The term 'girls are watching' has never meant less than in this universe.” — Matt

Best Friends Play Mad Max is a one-off episode in which Matt and Woolie go on a normal Sunday drive through the barren hellscape that is Australia as they grind their frame rate to a near halt, impress post-appocalyptic girls, and feed the locals sand donuts.

About Edit

"I once heard o' a couple of warriors from the beyond the wastes, and ain't no one as shine as them, right? One be a slick, skull-faced coward with the spiciest butthole this side of the great white! And the other? A dreadlocked man-monster who cackles as his buries his enemies neck high in piles of salt! Be wary traveler, of this blood-thirsty due known as "The Good Pals!"
— Video description

Quotes Edit

So the really interesting thing I find about Mad Max is the real true to life vision it tries to make, like a documentary about Australian life.
— Matt
Scabrous Scrotus. I knew a guy in high school with a nickname like that.
— Matt
Gotta get the doggy. I bet he's really delicious.
— Matt
The term 'girls are watching' has never meant less than in this universe.
— Matt
There should be a gang called The Drop Bears.
— Woolie
No war buffs for you Buff Bagwells.
— Woolie
The Paul Walker memorial mountain. I love you buddy. I love your brothers too because they look exactly like you.
— Matt
Pulls up to one of the stilt walking, poison people, 'You're okay! Get in!'.
— Woolie
So do you just like, Auto-Blow... up.
— Woolie


  • The title card was made by Kada-Bura.
  • The intro music is some of the music played by the Doof Warrior in Mad Max; Fury Road.
  • This video was uploaded with a warning in the description stating, "DISCLAIMER: Sorry about framerate issues, it's not the game OR my PS4. Something went janky during the encoding of the video. No idea what.".


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