Mystery Box #008


Magus Title
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Game Magus
Length 38:25
Upload Date May 19, 2015
Controller Pat
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Next Mystery Box - Episode #009
“I am feeling emotions and they are causing movement, but it's in my bowels.” — Pat

Magus is the eighth episode of the Mystery Box series. In this episode, Pat and Liam put aside the babby RPGs like Mass Effect so they can delve into Aksys Games' overlooked gemstone and the one true king of the RPG/third-person shooter genre.

About Edit

It's a mystery!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

So I was really jealous that you were playing Dark Souls 2 with Woolie at the time, and I said, 'Aw. I'll play Magus with Pat to make it better.'.
— Liam
You've been sitting on this vicarious, painful joy for months.
— Pat
We should get them to dub one of our podcasts.
— Liam about Nolan North and Troy Baker
Yeah. Hey can you just say the whole everything we just said, in our voices? That was actually last week.
— Pat
Alright, let's get going, I have magical balls.
— Pat
This character looks like he's from a 1995 PC RP... like a second rate Diablo.
— Liam
I was about to say that, at least the frame rate stays good.
— Pat
It doesn't. Nothing in this game stays good.
— Liam
I fucking hate you, Liam. I fucking hate you so much. We had a big argument right before you came over here about like, I say things like Unity and stuff like that is garbage, and that's not really fair 'cause that's not real garbage. And I know now why you were so passionate about in that argument, because you knew that you were coming over here, and we're gonna play some real fucking shit.
— Pat
I am feeling emotions and they are causing movement, but it's in my bowels.
— Pat
I think Jennifer Hale could make a better game than this.
— Liam
I think Jennifer Hale's butt could make a better game.
— Pat
This is like Indie Games level but it came in a box.
— Pat
How did you play this game for three hours?
— Pat
I had to make sure.
— Liam
Of what?
— Pat

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