Two Best Friends Play:

Man Vs. Wild

Man vs wild
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Game Man Vs. Wild
Season 2
Episode 13
Length 12:12
Upload Date Jul 10, 2011
Controller Matt & Pat
Previous F.3.A.R.
Next Amnesia The Dark Descent

For the full Let's Play, see Man Vs Wild (Full Let's Play)

“Why is nature conspiring against Man like this!?” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Man Vs. Wild is a Machinima episode Matt and Pat fight dick-biting snakes, gather yellow piss clouds that are spirits of adventure, perform fatalities on beavers, and drink their own urine.


Our epic journey into the dark heart of Bear Grylls’ savage world begins!
— Website description

Quotes Edit

How do you find piece of shit games that no one even knows exist and then- Oh, man! Let's play it! It's just so great!
— Pat
Why does he flip?
— Pat
I need water, but I better eat all these salty centipedes.
— Matt
All right, my testicles are now filling to the brim with poison, but I got to get up this mountain.
— Matt
Do you let things that were going to bite your dick leave your house alive!?
— Pat
Better campsite than your mom made... with her vagina... 'cause there's a lot of room in there.
— Pat
Snakes are the locusts of the Animal Kingdom.
— Matt
These pine needles will have saved the Dreamcast.
— Pat
Why is nature conspiring against Man like this!?
— Pat
Fucking three thousand bears are being eaten by bears every second.
— Pat
Dude, I don't know about you, but I can give full enviormental and animal facts while I'm throwing up all my like, ball poison.
— Matt



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