Two Best Friends Play:

Man vs Wild (Bloopers/Outtakes)

Man Vs Wild Bloopers
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Game Man vs. Wild
Length 10:21
Upload Date Aug 29, 2011
Controller Matt & Pat

For the Machinima episode, see Man Vs. Wild

“Killing this snake feels so good around my dick, girl.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Man vs Wild (Bloopers/Outtakes) is a bloopers episode in which Matt and Pat shove poisonous shit down their throat, try to avoid croco-sharks, make their way through razor grass, and talk about the horror that is the African Death Bush.


— Video Description


You can't drink your own piss now! It's gonna be all snake poison!
— Pat
This cocktail of poison piss, sure is doing me a number on me stomach.
— Matt
Suddenly this entire experience is worth it, now that I know about a bunch of stupid fucking goats!
— Pat
I asked the tree for some water, and I got some.
— Matt
Is that some kind of limey thing, like blimey waffles?
— Pat
It's eighty percent hotter when you get in this grass, and also dick snakes.
— Matt
If you see a lion, and this bush, jump into the lion!
— Matt

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