The Amazing Superfriends!

Marvel Super Hero Squad

Superfriends Super Hero Squad
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Game Marvel Super Hero Squad
Length 33:10
Controller Matt and Liam, Pat and Woolie
Previous X-Men CotA / Marvel Super Heroes
Next The Punisher (Arcade)
“If you see an infinity penis yell, 'Reality!', you need to run.” — Woolie

Marvel Super Hero Squad is the twelfth episode in the Best Friends' The Amazing Superfriends! special.


How can my Infinity Gauntlet POSSIBLY be this cute?
— Video Description


Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam hero up so they can play on the hardest difficulty in a game made for babies, stop Green Goblin from delivering a pizza, milk space cows, have a fully clothed bath with friends, unzip realities pants and distinguish rocks from Jell-O.


The opening animation is the same one used for Spawn The Eternal.

Quotes Edit

He stole the controller out of my tender moist mouth.
— Pat
It's a huge horse penis, and Thanos is like, 'Finally, the last infinity gem.'
— Matt
If you see an infinity penis yell, 'Reality!', you need to run.
— Woolie
He's like, 'Hey kids, what's up?'. 'Hi Mr. Deadpool, how are you?'. 'My dick is rife with cancer!'
— Pat
Maybe we should play a real baby game like Watch Dogs.
— Liam
Fart gas!
— Matt
Fuck ass?
— Pat
Fart. Jesus, what are you thinking about?
— Matt
Imagine if he just has the cutest little Hulk family, and they just die in a cute way.
— Woolie
Oh my god, we're getting to the Z tier already. It's fucking Hercules.
— Matt
The box is a lying bastard. Well, see, here's the deal. It knows the games for kids, and kids can't count, fuck 'em
— Pat
I really want Kratos... and he's still an asshole.
— Matt
Mash buttons, get to EVO. That's how it works.
— Woolie
Don't give anyone the nickname 'Chinese Fingercuffs'.
— Woolie
What does that mean? You get sucked in and you can't get out?
— Pat
I thought he was gonna kick her in the vagina!
— Matt

Trivia Edit

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