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“AMERICA!” — Matt

Matt is a member of the Best Friends Zaibatsu along with Pat, Woolie and Liam. He is the owner of the Zaibatsu YouTube channel, TheSw1tcher.

His Twitter account is @MattMcMuscles and his Tumblr account is realestmatt.

Description Edit

Matt Brawl

Matt is Pat's foil, and as such, he is not nearly as smart or good as Pat at video games, especially when it comes to navigating. However, Matt often fucks with Pat, and frequently gets him with savvy and well-timed "your mom" jokes, although these have died down substantually. 

He is a smooth ladies man who is both charismatic and charming. He is extremely patriotic towards America, despite being Canadian. Matt, as Pat has been quick to point out, is terrible at navigating.

Known Aliases Edit

Quotes Edit

See you later fuckers!
— Matt 
Nailed it.
— Matt
It's a complete debacle!
— Matt
I'm omnipotently incompetent.
— Matt[src]

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Trivia Edit

  • Matt's birthday is August 27, 1983.
  • Matt is Canadian. His mother was born in the United States. Because of this, he was made fun of for being a United States citizen.
  • Matt's nickname in high school was "The Switcher", hence the name of his channel. This began when Matt was seventeen, and he got to his locker before his friend, by taking the train, when his friend decided to walk.
  • Matt originally asked Woolie to do the Kirby's Epic Yarn video with him, but Woolie was too busy watching a stream of Super Street Fighter 4 to care, so Matt instead got Pat to do it with him, thus giving birth to Two Best Friends Play. 
  • Matt was paired with hip-hop artist Bless in his high school drama class, according to their Def Jam Fight For New York Brawl episode. Matt explains that Bless never showed up for class, forcing Matt to do both parts for the skits himself. In the end, Matt got a 98 in that class.
  • In the first episode of the Final Fight 3 two-part series, Matt reveals that the original Final Fight was the first arcade game Matt remembers playing. It was also the first Super Nintendo game he played.
  • The first game Matt bought with his own money was Predator for the NES, as revealed in the Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures episode.
  • The first CD-ROM Matt ever played on his own in his house was Killer Cuts, according to part seven of the Metroid Fusion playthrough.
  • According to their second season finale, Matt's IQ is 48.
  • Matt failed two courses in college due to an addiction to Animal Crossing.
  • Matt has been banned from Neogaf three times.
  • Matt's spirit animal is the American Arctic Wolf[1]
  • He used to work at Eidos Montreal.
  • He is a known tester for the video game No More Heroes.
  • During a conversation with Pat, Matt claims that he falls under "all fun, no dignity."
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan parody "Two Best Sisters Play " he is portrayed by Princess Luna.
  • In more of the recent videos, it has been revealed that Matt has a "fondness" for PT Cruisers, despite not driving.
  • In Two Best Friends Play: Mortal Kombat Komplete, Matt commented that he was 9 when Mortal Kombat II debuted in 1993, which would mean he was born in 1984. Making him 29 in 2013.
  • Matt is known to cry at really dumb things that no one will understand. For example, he cried near the end of Ratatouille, during the food critic's flashback. 
  • In the No More Heroes 2 playthrough, Matt stated No More Heroes was his favorite new franchise of the seventh video game generation.
  • Matt doesn't like Taylor Swift and thinks she's garbage.
  • Matt is a huge fan of Berserk, as evidenced by the large poster in his apartment and the numerous Berserk references in his videos. In the fifth Super Best Friendcast episode, he stated that Berserk is his favourite anime. For their one thousandth video on their channel, Matt and Liam started a full Let's Play of Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage, in which he explained how he came to discover the franchise. When he was young, he rented the Dreamcast game, and later won a copy of the Berserk anime after winning a contest on, thinking at the time that they made an anime based on Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage.
  • In part twenty-six of the Chrono Trigger playthough Pat says Matt went to school for an art major.
  • In a Reddit AMA Pat told the fans that Matt also quit his shit job, which for him was working QA.
  • Matt edits all the machinima videos while Pat handles the LP's he's in and Matt and Woolie split the chore on their videos.
  • Matt had two rats called Poison and Roxy, named after the Final Fight enemies. They were given to two of the three Dork Girls when he moved.
  • Matt has a cat called Zach, named after York's imaginary friend in Deadly Premonition.
  • Matt has a snake called Jack, named after Naked Snake from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
  • In part seven of The Last of Us playthrough, Pat says that Matt learned how to hop a barbed wire fence from working at Greenpeace.
  • In Saturday Night Slammasters, Matt said that he is '5 7".
  • Matt's favourite food is lamb chops marinated with garlic.
  • In the first Shadow the Hedgehog video, Matt revealed that playing Sonic Generations makes him physically ill which is why he doesn't like it.
  • Matt's phone often goes off during Lets Plays, much to Pat's annoyance. Most of the calls are from Woolie.
  • In episode nineteen of the Super Best FriendcastVoltron Runs on Hepatitis, Woolie revealed that Matt worked on Heroes of Ruin, with Liam confirming that he also did quality assurance for it. Liam chimed in, saying he worked on it as well.
  • Matt appears to be, at the least, a fan of 'Macho Man' Randy Savage (a popular professional wrestler from the late 80's and early 90's), often impersonating his voice and saying something random during videos, mostly the ones themed around professional wrestling
  • Matt was the one who launched the M. Bison "YES! YES!" meme, unfortunately he doesn't get much credit for it because his video was deleted when his original YouTube account "theswitcher" was deleted for copyright violations. The reposter has evaded all copyright claims and has claimed all the glory since.
  • In episode twenty-seven of the Super Best FriendcastThe Time You Got Punched In The Dick, Matt states that his t-shirt size is XL.
  • In addition to Best Friends Play, Matt also watches Maximillian, TeamSpooky's LPs ComicBookGirl19, OSW Reviews, Angry Video Game Nerd, Happy Video Game Nerd, and Pat The NES Punk. [2]
  • When asked about his guilty pleasures, Matt stated: GP music? Limp Bizkit. lol GP Game - Earth Defense Force GP Movie - Face/Off GP Anime - Amazing Nurse Nanako" [3]
  • Matt's favourite JRPG is Tales of the Abyss; his least favourite is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.
  • Matt's favourite race in The Elder Scrolls is Argonian.[4]
  • Matt stated in the Friendcast 005 that he had written a Fanfic of Jin Kazama that was basically a written version of the cutscenes in Tekken 3 but however added that it is not online.
  • Because of Rustlemania, Matt has completely lost the ability to say the words "wrestle" and "wrestler." He instead mispronounces these words as "rustle" and "rustler," respectively. Pat frequently calls him out on this.
  • Matt has a fear of the growths on potatoes.
  • According to Matt in Matt's Bomb-Ass Wolfenstein The New Order Review!, he is of Polish descent.
  • Matt's childhood crush was WWE Diva, Trish Stratus (though he claims she still is).
  • Matt's initials are apparently "MJK", as shown at the end of the The Punisher (Arcade) video.

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