Matt's Animal FunVenture SafariQuest!

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Length 10:41
Date Sep 20, 2013
“This is gonna be like a new age music video of Linkin Park playing and sad footage of elephants.” — Matt

Matt's Animal FunVenture SafariQuest! is a video featuring Matt and his fiancée visit the Georgia Aquarium where they gawk and the grotesque monsters that live under the sea. Then they head to the Park Safari in Quebec to look at poop, get disrespected by camels, get attacked by ostriches, and blast rap music at passing Bison.


Animal Fact - Animals are pretty cool guys I guess, they just need to remember to stay out of our way, lest we douse the entire world in glorious, purifying bleach!
— Website description

Animal Facts Edit

  • Everything that lives in the ocean is pretty disgusting.
  • By 2025, scientist hope that we can finally be rid of the oceans and their gross denizens.
  • Plague told me that every penis in the ocean is nightmarish.
  • Most scientist agree that sharks are fucking awesome.
  • Recent research indicates that whale sharks are noble warriors who protect us from evil basking sharks.
  • Jellyfish are about as close as you can get to cold, unfeeling evil.
  • Since 1963, humans have ruled the underwater world with an iron fist.
  • Penguins or 'The Vultures of the Seas' have no known natural predators and sit lofty on top the food chain.
  • Otters use their sensual buttholes to lure in prey with a hilarious hypnotic dance.
  • They put some weird sticks in this tank for some reason.
  • I know this is an Octopus. I just wanted an excuse to use the song.
  • I don't like this fish's face.
  • Thought to be extinct, the Kremling is making a remarkable recovery in the wild.
  • While not fully pictured, the reverse mermaid is the only choice.
  • I got nothing else for otters, so here's just more cute footage of mother fucking otters.
  • Dolphins think they are better than everyone.
  • But they're not.

Quotes Edit

They have their protector Yao Ming to save them.
— Matt
This is gonna be like a new age music video of Linkin Park playing and sad footage of elephants.
— Matt
Some type of new Pokemon has just arrived on the scene with their weird hanging dicks.
— Matt
Camels are also pure evil. Look at how dumb these animals look.
— Matt
Envious at man's evolutionary progress, this monkey stews in his rage.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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