Matt's Bomb-Ass Apartment Tour!

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Length 15:38
Date Dec 12, 2011
Next MBAAT2: Judgement Day

Matt's Bomb-Ass Apartment Tour! is a video featuring Matt giving everyone a look see of his apartment, where most of the videos are made. There we meet his friendly snake Jack, get to see where Pat sits and all the ridiculous things Matt chooses to spend his money on.

About Edit

Come see the Two Best Friends Prestige World Wide production studio! Marvel at the amount of crazy crap on the walls!
— Matt

Quotes Edit

This is actually Pat's arcade stick...Zangief, because he likes big hairy men.
— Matt
— Matt
Fuck you, Todd McFarlane.
— Matt
The only book you should be reading right now is this, Ghost/Aliens. Whatever book you are reading burn it in a fire, go out and get this book instead.
— Matt
Not really going to show you what's in my closet, right here, um, because she's been cranky all day and if I open the doors it's going to be madness so just forget it.
— Matt
Pat has his own place, but it's kind of a shithole so... whatevs.
— Matt
But enough about Pat...
— Matt
This what we use to record all our footage. It is the hahp-... Hauppaugge. Please stop asking what this is, or what we use, or where to get it...
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • At the time this video was released, Best Friends was being recorded on the Hauppauge HD PVR; the sound was recorded on the Blue Snowball.
  • Home Alone is playing on the Xbox 360 while the tour is being conducted.
  • Matt does not own a PS3. When they need one Pat brings his over to play, or they record at Pat's apartment, as was the case with Deadly Premonition and The Last of Us.
  • According to Matt, Mission Impossible is the greatest movie series of all time.
  • Matt has since moved twice from the apartment in the video.

Gallery Edit

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