Matt's Bomb-Ass Apartment Tour 2: Judgement Day

Apartment Tour 2 Title
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Length 26:18
Date March 22, 2014
Previous Matt's Bomb-Ass Apartment Tour!

Matt's Bomb-Ass Apartment Tour 2: Judgement Day is a video featuring Matt giving everyone a tour of his old apartment, released after he moved into his new one.

About Edit

I'm gonna take you back to the past! To an apartment tour that kicks all kinds of ass!
— Matt

Quotes Edit

I've got this owl, because pigeons are bullshit.
— Matt
At the top, of course, we have my hero, my love, Chris Evans as Captain America.
— Matt
Please don't go on my Deviantart, cause it's filled with tons of embarrassing bullshit and I'm not gonna give you the website, even though I just did.
— Matt
This could be yours kids, this could be yours., please don't hate us.
— Matt, about a TBFP poster (See gallery)
Of course, we have an heirloom from Woolie's family.
— Matt, on Predator mask
Okay, what we've got down here is my tickle trunk.
— Matt
Since most of the Zaibatsu don't even know how to feed themselves, it's usually up to me to get some grub in them before we record.
— Matt

Trivia Edit

  • The Street Fighter TV series is playing while the tour is being conducted.
  • The sequence in which Matt dodges items flying around his apartment is a parody of when Lucas Kane fought his apartment in Indigo Prophecy.

Gallery Edit

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