Matt's Bomb-Ass Giant Monsters!

(Kaiju Combat Kickstarter)

Matt's Bomb-Ass Gaint Monsters
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Game Colossal Kaiju Combat
Length 3:53
Date Dec 11, 2012
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“Giant monsters are the fucking shit.” — Matt

Matt's Bomb-Ass Giant Monsters is a video featuring Matt making a passionate argument about Kaiju, why they're cool, and why people should fund Colossal Kaiju Combat.

Quotes Edit

Giant monsters are the fucking shit.
— Matt
Back in the middle ages, there were ton of giant monster games.
— Matt
So yeah, what the hell is the point of all this? Video games!
— Matt
And just 'cause I like you a lot... here's a video of Godzilla dancing.
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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