Matt's Bomb-Ass

Godzilla PS3 Quicklook!

Bombass Godzilla Quicklook
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Length 5:30
Date Dec 6, 2014
“What does this mean? Ah, fuck. I should have done this with Liam.” — Matt

Matt's Bomb-Ass Godzilla PS3 Quicklook! is a video in which Matt gets super hyped with the demo of the upcoming Japanese Godzilla game and has trouble navigating the menus, lets loose Godzilla "Wooo!"s, shows man the error of his way, and gets curb stomped by King Ghidorah.

About Edit

What? A Godzilla game is coming out on PS3? What? There’s a demo out now? WHAT? IT’S COMING OUT IN AMERICA NEXT YEAR?
— Website description

Quotes Edit

What am I paying you for Japan? Just give me the game ninety-four percent, four minutes!
— Matt
What does this mean? Ah, fuck. I should have done this with Liam.
— Matt
That G4 agent, I mean G-Force agent. There's no such thing as G4 anymore.
— Matt
So I think it wants me to have sex with the building... or I have to destroy it.
— Matt
♪Mothra babies♪
— Matt
Stop using your fairy dust! I don't need your fucking Liam dust on me!
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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