Matt's Bomb-Ass Journalism Thing About Cereal

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Length 9:44
Date Mar 17, 2014
“Think about this. Is there an international cabal of cereal makers, whose agenda is to turn as many mascots into Woolie?” — Matt

Matt's Bomb-Ass Journalism Thing About Cereal is a video in which Matt shows the differences between American and Canadian cereals and their mascots.


Come join the CEO of the Best Friends Zaibatsu on a daring exposé into the dark and clandestine world of breakfast cereals. You'll be spending the day picking your jaw up off the floor.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

The sun is no longer throwing all the corpses of his dead victims of the raisins into the cereal.
— Matt
People use to call me Special K at work. I'm not going to explain why.
— Matt
I'm sure it's the Canada thing, Maple Mini Wheats.
— Matt
If you see them, check 'em out. They're pretty good. Put them in your mouth holes.
— Matt, about Cinnamon Corn Pops.
Look at this sad fuck, just eating his own feces.
— Matt
I'm pretty sure cherubs picked these off trees in the kingdom of heaven, and dropped them into our bowls, blessing us with their Reese Puffies goodness.
— Matt
So much bag milk. So much bag milk.
— Matt

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