Matt's Bomb-Ass Kaiju Combat Update!

Matt's Bomb-Ass Kaiju Update
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Game Colossal Kaiju Combat
Length 2:42
Date May 10, 2013
Previous Matt's Bomb-Ass Giant Monsters!
“Do it ya nerds!” — Matt

Matt's Bomb-Ass Kaiju Combat Update! is a video featuring Matt giving an update on Colossal Kaiju Combat, and why people should help get it to E3.

Quotes Edit

Hey everyone, it's me, Brawl champion Matt, and I'm here just to give you a quick update on Kaiju Combat.
— Matt
Why should you do this thing? One simple answer really: THIS. I humbly present to you: Mecha-Baz.
— Matt
Do it ya nerds!
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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