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Amazing Spider-Man 2

Bomb-Ass Spider-Man 2
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Length 38:30
Date May 2, 2014
“I hope my Uncle Ben didn't get shot, that would be fucking... Ohhhhh....” — Matt

Matt's Bomb-Ass Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man 2 is a video featuring Matt giving his take on Amazing Spider-Man 2. In his review he drools over Emma Stone, browses through hints, blames the Russians, buys power from the spider gods, take pictures of bloody walls, and gets thrown out of EB Games.

About Edit

Matt-Man can do whatever a Matt can!
— Matt

Quote Edit

I love Spider-Man games, even more than Spider-Man himself, because he's kind of a douche, really.
— Matt
You're only a super-hero if there's shit exploding around you, I guess, and some of your pants are being ripped off.
— Matt
I hope my Uncle Ben didn't get shot, that would be fucking... Ohhhhhh....
— Matt
He just went off and boned Gwen Stacy all day. My uncle can find his own killer, I guess.
— Matt
I am the spider god! You haven't even seen my penis!
— Matt
Been a while since I cheated out on Aunt May, let's see if the old crones still alive.
— Matt
No, Aunt May, you left a bunch of dirty dishes, you fucking old crone. What do I pay you for?
— Matt

Gallery Edit

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