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Game Max Anarcy (Also known as Anarchy Reigns)
Length 3:42
Date Jul 19, 2012

Matt's Bomb-Ass Reviews: Max Anarchy is a video featuring Matt giving his take on Max Anarchy. He makes a simple case for why the game should be imported and why people should play it by listing off the various cool things in the game.

About Edit

Matt goes down a very simple list of reasons why you should play this game.
— Matt

Quotes Edit

I think it's a super awesome game and everyone should import it. Why you ask? There's super expensive-looking cutscenes where people are flippin' all over the place using their electricity and shit.
— Matt
There's fucking Krakens. Look at that guy; he's slimy.
— Matt
— Matt
Cyobrg ninjas doing super ninja shit.
— Matt

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